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The opening of academic year 2020/2021, Amazing class students meet for the first time.

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Open Class 1B Session 2

During the pandemic, the class is divided into two groups. Here is the second session of Open Class 1B.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

London Transport - A Video Transcript


This is a video transcript from a video on . The writer use this for educational purpose. May this transcript be beneficial for anyone who read this blog.


Nelson's column stands in the middle of Trafalgar Square the column was built between 1840 and 1843 to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson's death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The squares a focal point for the city as roads lead off it in all directions, and it's where people gather for the New Year's celebrations. 

Buses are a pretty good way of getting around central London and you also get a great view from the top deck. Over 6800 scheduled buses operate on over 700 different routes in a London network. In a year this network carries over 1.8 billion passenger journeys. There are lots of shops around Piccadilly Circus. You'll recognize it by the statue of Anteros, or Eros as people call it, on top of the memorial fountain. 

If you're short of time the underground or tube is probably a better option but you won't see much apart from the crowds of people. The famous Tube map designed by Harry Beck in 1931 will help you get around, remember to get a ticket. It's a fifty pound. Fine if you don't the iconic Tower Bridge is worth a visit inside you can walk across the top connecting part and see most of London spending less than you would on the London Eye the bridge opens at least once a day to let big ships pass the Tate Modern is not far away it's an old power station that been converted into a modern art museum you can walk over the millenium bridge which joins and Paul's and the Tate Modern it had to be closed for nearly two years because of structural instability that simples Cathedral in the background it's located near the city which is London's financial centre the city is also called the square mile because it's concentrated in a very small area towards the east of the capital things move fast in the financial heart of London the city has a resident population of approximately 8,000 but around 340 thousand people work here so it's very busy during weekdays but almost a ghost town on Saturdays and Sundays the London Eye is based on the design of a bicycle wheel and over 30 million people have used it since it opened in 1999 Big Ben's another famous landmark it's 150 years old just under 100 metres tall and stands at the north end of Palace of Westminster the palace was rebuilt in a neo-gothic style in 1834 after a big fire it's the seat of Britain's two houses of parliament the Commons and the Lord's it's now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Belajar Memperkenalkan Diri dalam Bahasa Inggris


Good afternoon, Good Learners!

Hari ini kita akan mencoba berlatih keterampilan berbicara dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Sebagaimana yang sudah pernah Miss sampaikan, bahwa tingkatan pembelajaran keterampilan berbahasa dimulai dengan keterampilan berbicara.

Hal ini berlaku untuk semua pelajaran bahasa, tak terkecuali pelajaran Bahasa Inggris.

Kunci dari belajar bahasa asing adalah berani salah.

Walaupun sayangnya, banyak pembelajar yang terhenti hanya karena takut membuat kesalahan. Padahal, kesalahan itulah titik balik kita dalam belajar.

Kesalahan dalam belajar bukanlah sesuatu yang buruk, tapi sebaliknya. Kesalahan dalam belajar adalah modal utama kita untuk mencari tahu dan mendalami kembali bagian yang seharusnya benar itu.

Maka dari itu, melalui pembelajaran hari ini mari kita beranikan diri untuk bersama mencoba dan mengeluarkan potensi terbaik kita. Terkhususnya untuk pelajaran Bahasa Inggris bersama Miss Alma.

Mari berlatih melalui media berikut.


Jika Menggunakan PC/ Laptop

  1. Sila klik tombol 'Let's get started'
  2. Akan muncul tab baru seperti ini:

  3. Isilah nama lengkapmu pada tab 'Nickname' tersebut. (karena Miss belum hapal nama panggilan kalian^^)
  4. Lalu, akan kembali ke halaman ini dan klik lagi tombol 'Let's get started.'
  5. Pembelajaran dimulai!

  6. Play video dan dengarkan hingga selesai.
  7. Akan ada pertanyaan di tengah-tengah yang harus kamu respon/ jawab.

  8. Jangan lupa klik submit setelah menjawab yaaa.
  9. Lalu klik lanjutkan/ continue.

  10. Video ini diatur tanpa boleh di-skip. Jadi, sila dengarkan hingga selesai yaaa.


Video ini diatur agar tidak bisa di-skip atau dipercepat. Jika kalian mengklik untuk melewatkan bagiannya tanpa menonton sampai habis, maka tugas/ pertanyaannya tidak bisa muncul (terkunci).

Mohon kiranya untuk belajar dengan tekun dan sabar^^

Good luck!